Our Menu

All of our burgers are made with fresh Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle & Onion on a toasted bun.  Your choice of Mayo or Mustard served on the side.


Shypoke Eggs $6.95
Our homage to Dick Hipp who was so very good to us. Enjoy some Shypokes, a favorite from Little Hipps!

Ham & Tomato Shypokes $7.95

Bottle Caps   $6.95
Battered, fried jalapeno slices.

Texas Toothpicks
Jalapeno & Onion strips. $6.95

 Chicken Wings $7.95


Timboburger $6.95

Double Timboburger $9.95

Cheeseburger $7.95

Bacon Cheeseburger $10.95

Double Cheeseburger $10.95

Timbo’s Jumbo $17.95
One pound burger on a 7″ toasted bun. For the 2 handed eaters of the universe.

The Jumbo w/ Cheese $19.95

Yellow Submarine $11.95
Jalapeno, onions, & cheese stuffed inside 2/3 lb of meat. Sinfully delicious!

Mini Yellow Sub $9.95

Hot Burger Steak $16.95
The Yellow Sub but without the bun. Served w/ Salad and Fries or Tots.

Mini Hot Burger Steak $10.95

Other Good Stuff

Burger Melt $7.50

Uncle Al $9.25
Chicken fried chicken on a bun.

Cod Sandwich $8.50

Uncle Bob’s Fishwich $11.95

Shrimp Platter $10.95
1/2 Dozen, with salad & fries

Cod Platter $10.95

BLT $7.50
4 crispy slices on toasted white.

Chef’s Salad $7.95
Choice of chicken, bacon, or ham.

Dinner Salad $4.95

Grilled Chicken Sandwich $7.95

Chicken Strips & Fries $7.75
Honey Mustard or Ranch Sauce.

For The Kids

All Served With Fries

Chicken Strips $4.95

Grilled Cheese $4.95

Corn dog $3.95


Ice Cream Sandwich $1.75
Vanilla or Mississippi Mud. Yummy!

Fries & Tots

Single 1.25

Small 1.95
Medium $3.95
Large $8.95

Drinks & Libations

Iced Tea $1.75

Soda Pop $1.75

Lemonade $1.75

Bottled Water $1.50

Ice Cold GimmeDraw

Shiner Bock 2.75

Miller High Life 2.75

Miller Lite 2.75

Alamo Golden Ale $2.75

    Bud light $2.75            All Draft Pints $4.25


Bottled Beer

Lone Star, Lone Star light, Shiner Bock, Coors light,Miller Light, Miller Highlife, Miller 64, Bud light Lime  $3.00

Pearl (can) $2.00

     Modelo, Bohemia, Alamo,    Blue Moon, Angry Orchard, 16oz Ultra, 16oz Bud, 16oz Budlight,16oz Dos XX, 4.25


White Zin,  Chardonnay, Cabernet, Cabernet-Sauvignon Blanc, Pino Grigo, Merlot $ 4.50

Blackberry Wine Cooler     4.95


Substitutions of any kind will be an additional charge. Thank You!