In the beginning

Timbo was born and raised a Farmboy in a small farming community about 50 miles or so South of San Antonio.

Timbo then headed to the big city of San Antonio. Timbo’s ties to Little Hipp’s began when Dick Hipp hired Timbo fresh out of High School. Timbo knew no other trade at the time, so he was hired as a bar back.

Through the years, Timbo worked his way up until he eventually became the Manager. Timbo stayed at Little Hipp’s until it’s closing in 2002. Along the way, he learned all aspects of the restaurant business from Mr. Hipp and felt that the restaurant business is what he wanted to continue with after Mr. Hipps passing in December 2002.

Timbos restaurant moved to Spring Branch in 2003 and was quite successful! But the restaurant is finally back where it belongs: in the heart of San Antonio. Along with his wife, Teresa, Timbo’s continues to serve the tastiest burgers in town and ice-cold GimmeDraws.