We will be closing our doors permanently June 17, 2017

Here is our Gofundme Page: Click Here to make a donation.

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read our story, and for supporting our cause.
Any donations made will go to Timbo's employees, to help them make ends meet after this forced closure.
We are a small mom and pop, and 6 families will be deeply affected.

Timbo's was started by Tim Lang and his wife Teresa after the closing of Little Hipps when Mr. Hipp died of cancer 13 years ago. Little Hipp's was the only job Timbo ever had. He worked there for 27 years. Presently, we have been at this location for ten years, but the increase of property taxes in central downtown San Antonio has made it nearly impossible for our little mom and pop to keep up. 6 families were devastated with a stroke of a pen, when the landlord delivered a 90 days notice to vacate the premise on March 31, 2017. Any funds will help these 6 families move forward in this difficult time. One of our workers provides housing and support for an aged mother, another has 4 young children, and the list goes on.

Anything that you contribute will mean the world to them.

Thank you, Timbo and crew.